Martinsville, Maine

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Martinsville Maine Screen House

Enjoy your property, day and night, without bugs bothering you. Be in this bug-free screen house and enjoy your private views and vistas, and watch and gaze at the fabulous night sky.

The wood-floored, all-screen sides and roof are what make the Martinsville Maine Screen House. This is a kit made to be easy to put up (and take down). The walls, roof and door are all made of screen panels. Even the flooring is screened. This is a unique bug-free screen house. It is a wonderful place to be outside without the worry of being bothered by bugs. The screen house is sturdy enough to be placed next to the open ocean, as it is here in Martinsville, Maine. While I can in no way guarantee your screen house will not be harmed in some way, either by nature or some other force, the one at this location has been standing for many years, even surviving the 80+ mph sustained winds of the early March 2010 storm. It is perfect for a back yard, country yard, city yard, the end of a dock, the edge of a lake, the top of a hill, or wherever you want to spend some time without biting bugs.

Maine Screen House

The Martinsville Maine Screen House is sound and roomy. It is aproximately 12-feet x 12-feet. It is wonderful place to spend time outdoors. There is room for tables, chairs, a chaise and more. This is a wonderful bug-free place for dining, reading, star-gazing and watching the ocean tide come in and go out.

Imagine yourself, for instance, hearing waves lap against a rocky Maine coast, smelling the fresh air, reading, or enjoying meals with friends, and with never a worry about mosquitoes or flies or gnats or no-seeums or whatever!

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